Maison Le Paulmier

Maison Le Paulmier is a small craft firm, nestled in the Pays d’Auge, in the heart of Normandy. Following in the footsteps of Julien Le Paulmier, the author of the first treatise on cider in 1588 and the forerunner of pomology, the Maison allows you to relive the forgotten tradition of the gustatory associations between the orchard and the flora of the hedge surrounding it. It also campaigns for the protection of the traditional bocage, currently so fragile and under threat.é.


Julien Le Paulmier

Born in 1520 on the Cotentin peninsula in Normandy, Julien LE PAULMIER became “Master of the Arts” at the age of twenty-eight and a medical doctor eight years later. A professor at the University of Paris, he was summoned to the Court of the King, where he took care of Charles IX and then the princes of his line before becoming the personal physician of Henri III. As a reward for his work and his devotion, he was ennobled in 1585 by order of the King, acquiring the barony, lands and domains of Vendeuvres and Grentemesnil, on the western border of the Pays d’Auge (Viscounty of Falaise, fief of Haubert), where the Maison LE PAULMIER is currently located.

In his twilight years, Julien Le Paulmier devoted himself to the apple. The old doctor entrusted his convictions to a work of spectacular modernity, Le Premier Traité du Sidre (The First Treatise on Cider), published for the first time in 1588 under the title De vino et Pomaceo. With good reason it is still regarded as the founding treatise on pomology.


Benoit Simottel


Trained by the followers of Bacchus, Benoit Simottel, the young founder of the Maison, definitively chose Pomone in 2007. Isn’t the nymph much more lovely than the god? Like a good dreamer, he found his place in this country where, for centuries, people had played with words, time and the names of the animals to describe and create what they did best: the apple!


Philosophy: :  The four pillars of the work of the LE PAULMIER team are passion, perseverance,
conviviality and humility. Each of its members forms part of the soul of the Maison and in the joy of the adventure!

  • Arnaud

    Maison Le Paulmier

    Arnaud is a lover of elderflowers, birds and a job well done
    He loves forthright and crisp perries and, of course, his yellow oilskin. He doesn’t like disorder and sugarless coffee.

    • Benoit

      Maison Le Paulmier

       Benoit is a lover of the orchard, diversity and innovation. He loves the seasons and his navy blue pullover. He doesn’t like monoculture and coffee with sugar.

      • Astuce

        The Mascot

        Astuce is the Maison’s mascot and the reception assistant. She loves chasing field mice and walks among the hedges.She doesn’t like cats and the Normandy rain.

        • M&M

          Maurice & Mauricette

          Maurice and Mauricette are the Maison’s 2 goldfish, responsible for watching over the café. They love their bubbler and the team’s company. They don’t like the mascot or the neighbour’s cat very much.