LE PAULMIER produces three large collections
of vinegars and condiments based
on on fruits and wild plants.


Inspired by this long-forgotten recipe, LE PAULMIER has created a fine new condiment by blending a reduced must of countryside apples and a five-year-old acidulate made from late sweet and bitter-sweet cider apples.

On fruit, with a very beautiful consistency, the pommée will be a treat for you on salads, especially bitter ones, tomatoes, crudités and fruit salads. It also works as an icebreaker (fresh foie gras, scallops, veal, pork and duck) and on game, fish, reductions, caramelizations and vegetables (beets, onions and braised endives). It also goes with wild acidulates on creative salads. Visit or revisit all our La Pommée recipes on the dedicated tab!

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“The sweet cider is cooked as it leaves the press, as wine is made in several parts of Italy, in order to keep it sweet for a long time, without thunderstorms or excessive summer heat disturbing or souring it. Cider that is cooked (sic) to the thickness of honey can be used in sauces instead of sugar. Mustard is also made from it, similar to that of Anjou and Dijon, except for the colour, which is so red” Extract from the FIRST TREATISE ON CIDER – chapter XV – Julien LE PAULMIER – 1589

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LE PAULMIER cider vinegar is acetified on bases of dry cider fermented on the estate.
The varietal bases are sweet and bitter-sweet apples from traditional orchards with full-size trees grown using organic agricultural methods.
LE PAULMIER cider vinegars are matured for at least six months in casks after they have been acetified.


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LE PAULMIER acidulates thrive on traditional acetification in casks, with time as their only master.

This extremely slow production process gives them a fruitiness and characteristic roundness , with a lower degree of acidity than vinegar.

After two to three years of aging, we macerate these acidulates with fresh wild plants, picked by hand in the bocage hedgerows in keeping with the season, as Julien LE PAULMIER liked to do.

LE PAULMIER supplies “Acidulées”  in limited quantities, according to the season: elderberry flower, wild garlic, Douglas fir shoots, sweet woodruff, tansy, wild mustard, etc.


“Take a root of campanula picked in the spring, chopped into slices and dried, two pounds: Common wormwood, dried by removing the stem, one pound: sweet apple cider from the press, fifty pounds.  All of this is placed in a cask, so that the cider, baking in its own heat beneath the plug, absorbs the properties of the campanula and wormwood” Extract from the FIRST TREATISE ON CIDER – Chapter XV – Julien LE PAULMIER – 1589

Catering professionals, we have small formats tailored to your activity; go to LE PAULMIER POMACEO SHOP – The chefs corner